Welcome to VAFSMP.

VAFSMP is a multiplayer server for FS9 and FSX. Using the FSD server backend and FSCopilot and FSInn as the connection clients. Both will have to be installed to connect to the VAFSMP network.

As of right now, VAFSMP is unmonitored, uncontrolled, and any help or support will be very limited.

There is no controller standards, no administration, and no rules at this point.

This server should be used for your enjoyment when you want to fly with your friends or va pilots without the worry of many rules or procedures. Please respect all other pilots and controllers on the server however.

To register to fly on the server, or to login to view your information on how to connect, please login with your VAFS PILOT USERNAME AND PASSWORD.

VAFS Pilot Credentials
VAFS Pilot Credentials

Below are instructions on how to install and setup FSCopilot and FSInn on your system to get connected to the VAFSMP server. Please remember that when you install these applications, you must do so as administrator if using Vista or Windows 7. This will eliminate 99% of any problems that arise after installation.

Step One: Download and Install FSCopilot

1. DOWLOAD FSCopilot: http://www.vafinancials.com/downloads/SetupFSCopilot17B2_4.exe

2. INSTALL FSCopilot

    Step by step install guide: CLICK HERE

3. DOWNLOAD FSInn: http://www.vafinancials.com/downloads/SetupFSInn13B2_3.exe

    Step by Step install guide: CLICK HERE


    Step by Step instructions: CLICK HERE