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December 20, 2008, 03:05:54 pm
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Author Topic: Frequent Problems/ Questions 1.5  (Read 1110 times)
Gravedig2 - SeanR

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« on: October 01, 2008, 01:38:27 pm »

PLEASE Read this throughly before you post a question on the forums!

1. How can I turn on Auto Rank and my other VA Options?
Please either Private Message Me, Ray, or Mike with your VAID and the options you want enabled.

2. When will the next VAFS be released?
It will be released this Fall, most likely November 2008.

3. How can I get that small banner on the mini map?
You have to email vafinancials(AT)gmail(DOT)com with your VAID and the Mini Map Logo you want.

4. Where can I get a VCAS Manual?
It can be found at

5. Where is the VCAS Panel?
That can be found at

6. Can I use the VCAS Client?

NO! It is not going to work no matter how you do it.

7. How can I have aircraft added to the VAFS System??

8. Is VAFS Free??

Sadly, no.

9. Can I get a trial version?
For security reasons and server load management, no and please do not ask for one.

10. How much does VAFS Cost?
$5.99 /month
$32.00 / 1/2 year
$60.00 /year (You save Approx. 10%!)

11. Do you have custom data that I can put on my site?
Yes, the manual is at

12. Do you have an example on how to use that data?

Yes at

13. When is the Pilot Center coming out?

It will be coming out approx. November 2008 or with the release of the next VAFS.

14. Is there any script already available for me to download to show the VAFS Data for my VA?


15. It there any website system for VAFS?
It is currently in development and will hopefully be released this October.

16. How do I cancel my VA Account?

Even though we wish you wouldn't, you may delete it by removing the VAFS Subscription in you PayPal Account. Once you subscription looks to renew, it will look and will deactiave your account. It will auto-delete itself after a few months. It shouldn't renew itself if you deleted the VAFS Subscription correctly!

17. Who runs this project?
VAFS is ran by a groupd of dedicated individuals that want to make setting up your virtual airline one step easier!

18. How can I help?
You can always post frequently in these forums to help others and inform them as well. If you really want to help, you can PM Mike and maybe he can hook you up with something.


VAFS Indicators now December.

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