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News and Announcements


VA Financial Systems (VAFS), the ultimate one-stop solution for virtual airline management, has taken a giant leap towards increasing the realism of managing virtual airline. VAFS, the only real-time web-based VA management utility, is very proud to announce the release of VAFS3.

VAFS3 now comes bundled with two highly enhanced software components that extend the VA CEO's ability in managing the VA, and the pilot's experience in flying the VA's flights. The newly added VCAS, a fully functional VA management tool, allows the VA's management to further extend to the realism of the VA, with added features such as Hub Setup and Management.

In addition, the newly improved Pilot-based VAFS client now provides extended information capabilities of the pilot's flight to increase the VA's knowledge of flights made, and pilot's ability to monitor performance and schedules.

Don't forget to check out the newly established virtual airline network VAFSMP at www.vafsmp.com, a network specifically centered around VAFS3, and geared to support Virtual Airlines.

If flying for hours is just not enough, then Virtual Airline Financial Systems is for your virtual airline.


VCAS - Virtual Airline CEO Administration System
- Create, Edit, Manage pilots
- Create, Edit, Manage your fleet
- Create, Edit, Manage your pilot ranks
- Create, Edit, Manage your hubs
- Create, Edit, Manage your schedules/routes
- Setup your seating for your aircraft
- Setup pilot pay based on rank
- Limit aircraft type based on rank
- Several different options for your virtual airline to choose
- XML generated data for your virtual airline to use that is totally dynamic to your airline
- Pre-made templates for virtual airlines to use to display this data
- I-Frame add-ons for those virtual airlines that do not have a scripting backend web provider.

VAFS - Virtual Airline Financial Systems Pilot Flight Following Client
- Complete flight following acars system
- Full VA fleet and schedule search
- Watch in real time your flight and financial progress
- Client displays messages inside FS
- Passenger and cargo loading (FSX Only)
- Saves flights offline to be uploaded when you are online
- Shows all saved and uploaded flight data
- Generates flight logs in .txt format for later viewing

Your virtual airline will also be able to see stats and financial information from a variety of sources included your monthly and year to date financial status, your pilot's flight details, how your virtual airline is doing compared to other VA's on the system, and so much more.

This beta software package is yours to use free of charge as long as you agree to our terms of service.