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VCAS Pilot Information

1 - SEARCH PILOT ROSTER - Enter one or all of the fields to search for pilots. Click on SHOW ALL to view your full roster
2 - PILOT TABLE- You can select pilots on this table
3 - PILOT INFORMATION - Shows information on the selected pilot from the pilot table.
4 - VIEW FLIGHTS FOR THIS PILOT - Shows all flights flown for the selected pilot
      PILOT ADMIN PERMISSIONS - Opens up the pilot admin window
      EDIT PILOT INFORMATION - Opens the edit pilot window, that window will also allow you to send the activation email again for those pilots that
      lost their password
      ISSUE PILOT BONUS OR PENALTY - Allows you to give the pilot a bonus, or take a penalty from that pilot
      ISSUE PILOT AWARD - Will allow you to issue various award (not working at this time)
      REMOVE PILOT FROM ROSTER - This will permanently remove the selected pilot from your virtual airline and roster

Add new pilot

1 - PILOT FIRST NAME - The first name of the pilot
2 - PILOT LAST NAME - The last name of the pilot
3 - PILOT CALLSIGN - The callsign of the pilot, must include the 3 character prefix of your virtual airline (e.g. EXP-100)
4,5 - PILOT EMAIL AND VERIFY EMAIL ADDRESS- The pilots email address, this is the address that the pilot activation email will be send to. For this reason it is best to use an email other than yahoo, gmail, or hotmail accounts as these will send the email right to the spam folders.
6 - COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE - Select the country of residence (where the pilot lives) of the pilot.
7 - SELECT HUB - Select the hub that this pilot will be active.
8 - TOTAL PILOT HOURS - Enter the amount of hours this pilot has (any amount of hours can be entered here)