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VCAS Pilot Ranks

1 - ADD NEW RANK - Will open the add new rank window
2 - EDIT TANK INFORMATION- Opens the edit rank window
3 - REMOVE THIS RANK - Deletes the selected rank from your virtual airline. (Will not delete a rank if you only have one rank available)

Add new rank window

1 - RANK NAME - The name of the rank you want to add. (e.g. Captain, ATP Captain)
2 - LOWEST AMOUNT OF HOURS - The lowest hours this rank can have. MUST BE WITH TENTHS OF AN HOUR (e.g. 10.1)
3 - HIGHEST AMOUNT OF HOURS - The highest amount of  hours this rank can have. MUST BE WITH TENTHS OF AN HOUR (e.g. 10.1)
4 - HOURLY SALARY FOR THIS RANK - The hourly pay rate for this rank. (e.g. 145.50)
5 - MONTHLY HOURS WHEN OVERTIME IF GIVEN - Enter in the amount of hours in a month when overtime will start to be paid for this rank. (Overtime is 150% of normal pay, e.g. normal pay = 100.00 per hour, overtime would be 150.00 per hour) use high number if you do not want to pay overtime to your pilots
6 - RANK TYPE - Normal ranks for normal pilots or Executive ranks which will not be auto ranked if that option is selected.
7 - SELECT RANK IMAGE - Select one of the pre-made rank images or select "Your Image" and enter in the FULL url of the image. Images look best on the rosters when they are 25w X 10h
8 - SELECT AIRCRAFT CERTIFICATIONS - Either click on the box with the check (circled) to select all the aircraft, or select each aircraft this rank will be certified to fly.