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VCAS New Virtual Airline Signup Window

1 - VIRTUAL AIRLINE NAME - The full name of your virtual airline
2 - VIRTUAL AIRLINE PREFIX - The 3 character virtual airline ICAO. This can only be 3 characters and should match what your pilot callsigns will begin with. VAFS will no longer accept any VA ICAOs over 3 characters long.
3 - CEO FULL NAME - The full name of the virtual airline CEO
4 - CEO EMAIL ADDRESS - The full email address of the virtual airline CEO. Please do not use yahoo, gmail, or hotmail as these services may not accept incoming emails from VAFS. VAFS will not be responsible for emails that do not come through to you if you use these services.
5 - CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS - A confirmation that you have typed your email address correctly
6 - VIRTUAL AIRLINE WEB ADDRESS - The FULL URL of your virtual airline website. This includes the http:// do not leave this out or your virtual airline may not be accessible from any VAFS web links.
7 - DESIRED USERNAME - This will be your full administration username for VCAS. Remember this username :)
8 - ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD - The password for you administration account
9 - CONFIRM PASSWORD - Confirms the passwords to be sure they are correct
10 - VIRTUAL AIRLINE MAIN HUB 4 CHARACTER AIRPORT ICAO - The main hub for your virtual airline. This is required.