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VCAS Fleet Information

1 - SEARCH VA FLEET - Enter one or all of the fields to search for an aircraft in your fleet. Click on SHOW ALL to view your full roster
2 - YOUR FLEET TABLE- You can select an aircraft from your fleet on this table.
3 - AIRCRAFT INFORMATION - Shows information on the selected aircraft in your fleet when you select it from the fleet table.
4 - CHANGE AIRCRAFT TAIL NUMBER - You can change the tail registration of the aircraft ONLY if you OWN the aircraft. Leased aircraft can not
      have the tail number changed.
      CHANGE HUB FOR THIS AIRCRAFT - Will allow you to change the hub that this aircraft is assigned to.
      EDIT AIRCRAFT SEATING - This will allow you to change the seating setup on the selected aircraft.
      REMOVE AIRCRAFT FROM FLEET - This will remove the aircraft AND ALL OF ITS ROUTES from your virtual airline.

Add new aircraft to your fleet

1 - AIRCRAFT TABLE - The table of all aircraft in the VAFS system.
2 - AIRCRAFT INFORMATION - The data for the aircraft selected from the table.
3 - LEASE AIRCRAFT FOR .... - Shows you how much it will cost your virtual airline if you decide to lease this aircraft. (This can be different from the
      lease rate since you are leasing the aircraft for only the remaining days of the month and not a full month)
      BUY AIRCRAFT FOR ... - Shows you how much it will cost your virtual airline if you click on this button to buy this aircraft.

Aircraft Acquisition and Seating Setup:

1 - COSTS - Shows you the cost of either leasing or purchasing this aircraft.
2 - SELECT HUB - You must select a hub to assign this aircraft to.
3 - SEATING SETUP - Shows you the total amount of seats available for this aircraft and allows you to enter the amount of seats you wish for this
      aircraft. The following rules apply for setting up seating on an aircraft.
      First Class Seat = 2 Economy Seats
      Business Class Seat = 1.5 Economy Seats
      Economy Seat = 1 Economy Seat

4 - CONFIRM AIRCRAFT LEASE OR PURCHASE - After you have confirmed the seating setup for the aircraft you must click this button to confirm
      the aircraft lease or purchase.