05/29/2009 - Burny C
After waiting patiently, the live flight map on the website now shows just us United pilots by default. After the window opens up, if you would like to see ALL aircraft flying in the VAFS system, just remove the "id=16546" from the address bar and press enter. For those who have installed our toolbar, that link will be changing as well to just show UVA pilots (and there will be more new enhancements to the toolbar as well).
Regular teamspeak server back up
05/22/2009 - Burny C
Our regular server is back up and running. Remember to log in with your regular credentials. Any registration made on the temporary server will not work. If you can not remember your original registration info, just come in without a password and an admin can allow you to create a new registration.
VAFS issues
05/13/2009 - Burny C
There are several issues happening with the new build of VAFS, .16. Many flights are missing block off times and in turn not loading the flight file which will not give you your hours. If you do a flight and it does not let you upload it, please send me an e-mail.
New UVA toolbar.
05/05/2009 - Burny C
Try out our new toolbar that works great with both Internet Explorer and Firefox! Out toolbar is like a miniature version of our web site and keeps our content at your fingertips. In addition to having the most important links just a click away, you can chat, listen to ATC feeds, be notified of news items, and be notified of e-mails you receive! The download link is in the pilot center on our website.
Update for VAFS4
04/25/2009 - Burny C
Here is a message from the developer. "I have released a new build tonight to address cargo loading issues. This build will correctly load the right amount of cargo on PAX and Cargo routes. The download is in the "Downloads" section of To Install: Just extract from the .zip and run the setup.exe VISTA USERS: 1. Install as administrator. 2. Find the VAFS4.exe in C:\Program Files\VAFINANCIALS\VAFS4 right click and select "Run As Administrator"