End of the World
07/03/2012 - Bob B.

Pilots / Friends:

After 3 1/2 years, it's time to wrap up World Virtual.
I started a project for my job in May 2010 which has brought me all around the globe and very little time to myself.
I have a 6 week break before Phase II of the project and will be revisiting:

I will be re-visiting Brazil, Turkey, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Greece, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Australia in the upcoming year.

Although I'm providing a great service and community for my friends, I'm not participating and still getting the invoices every month for the server and vafinancials. I feel a bit selfish shutting it down, but I'm sure we will all migrate to different airlines or enjoy the freedom to fly where we want - when we want for a while.

I'll keep things running for the next few weeks.

I also want to give a special thanks to Mick O'Keefe for keeping the airline running so well in my absence. He's been the real CEO of the airline for the last year+. Cheers Mick.

Anyone can reach me at [email protected].

Best of luck and thank you for making a great team.

Safe flying my friends.


Fleet Maintenance.
05/13/2012 - Mick O Keeffe


I would just like you to know that I have repaired a total of 9 aircraft to bring our overall fleet health up to 99.96% so we are looking pretty lean and fit at the moment. My thanks to each and everyone of you for your commitment.



05/03/2012 - Mick O Keeffe

Captains, I would like to bring to your attention a small problem using simrate x2, x4 etc. whilst using the VAFS ACARS system; it would seem that if you wish to go to your destination faster you will incur considerable transportation costs! So if you double your simrate you may also double your transportation fees and effectively negate any profit for said flight. Also if anyone is experiencing issues with PMDG products and VAFS it seems that there is indeed some sort of glitch and as such PMDG/VAFS/FSUIPC (not necessarily in this order!) do not communicate with each other and the result is VAFS resorting to its default location of 0,0N and 0,0E which could place you 3000 miles from where you actually are!

Please keep me posted with any discrepancies you may find and with your help we can find a solution to your woes, hopefully!

If any of you would like to find out more about VAFS issues please go to;


You will need to register to use this forum but you will have the benefit of tracking any issue you may have with similar issues from other users which may be resolved.

Many thanks,



World Airways MD11 N803DE Added to Fleet
05/01/2012 - Bob B.


We have added N803DE which is a World Airways MD-11 Pax aircraft (retro livery) to the fleet. You can find the paint on Avsim - search for N803DE.


Let's put some hours on this plane.

Progress report for 04/12.
04/30/2012 - Mick O Keeffe

Hello to all Captains!

Well this month has seen a great increase in turnover for the airline with just about everything in the green!

Many thanks to all of you, this month has been a great effort on your part so my sincerest thanks once again to each and every one of you! Large beers all round!!

Fuel was up 12% this month so keep an eye on your own burns as some of the VAFS estimates would do you for return leg aswell! I'll be going through our fleet to check for maintenance issues or how close an individual airframe is to a D or C check just to keep all airframes in top condition. Naturally this will put a dent in the reserves so I'll be keeping a close eye on this.

A big welcome to Tyler Thomson and Jay Ryder, our newest pilots, I hope you have a great time flying with us!

So all in all gentlemen, a very satisfactory month indeed!

Many thanks once again and keep up your great work!

Best regards,