Cubana Virtual Union Association
05/09/2010 - Alex Mancebo
An Union in aviation are there for the employees, they make sure every employee is treated equally. in CUB Virtual, they union will do the same but even more, they will make sure your ideas are heard and worked out. All we need is that you send your name and ID or the person who you think should be the President to my e-mail. Visit the our site for more info.
05/09/2010 - Alex Mancebo
Remember, all flights must be done in VATSIM.
05/03/2010 - Alex Mancebo
I have added some Aerocaribbean routes with the ATR 42/72. First Offices and Captains can fly them now.
New Airbus
04/29/2010 - Alex Mancebo
Just finish the final details on a repaint for the iFDG Airbus A320 for Cubana. Everyone can download it from the Download - Aircraft - Models. Enjoy
04/23/2010 - Alex Mancebo
VAFS is back and ready. After VAFS had a database problem and almost all of our routes were deleted, I set us back up. All routes are back online and ready to be flown. Thank You