Virtual Airline Automated Pirep, Financial, and Flight Data System

Virtual airline financial systems started off as an idea way back about five years ago when I was approached by the creators of the virtual airline stock market to maybe create a way to track virtual airline revenue and stock value.

I worked on something with them and what came about was, which only lasted less than a year when the owner of the domain went missing for over a year. I was about to give up on the whole idea until some of the people who used the simfinance project came to me asking if I was ever going to do that type of system again.

At that time I had other real life matters to deal with and had to get those out of the way. Once I was free I decided to dive back into the realm of virtual finances.

I have to be honest, I have no clue as to how the real airlines really compute their daily financial records and I had to rely on the internet, a lot of reading, and a lot of calculating to get a system that "looked" good on paper.

When I had my theories worked out I went to work on the first version of VAFS. What I found was that theories are just that, theories and there is always a chance that they just do not work out the way you had planned. That was VAFS1. I guess when one decides to dive head first, he better make sure the water is more than two feet deep.

The moment VAFS1 was done and the beta was out, I knew I was going to have problems and once again I came to a crossroad. Should I even try to do this from scratch again? Why the hell not LOL it is fun most of the time anyhow.

Version 2 of VAFS is much simpler than version one. With predefined setups for seating, tickets, and fleets it should be on it's way to truly do what I had wanted from the beginning. And that is to help those airlines that want automation but just do not have the means.

Besides my wife and daughter, and creating music, this is my hobby. Creating a system for virtual airlines big and small is a goal of mine ever since I tried creating my own virtual airline way back when.

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