Virtual Airline Automated Pirep, Financial, and Flight Data System


VAFS or Virtual Airline Financial Systems is more than just a automated pirep system for virtual airlines, much more.

First off a virtual airline does not need to have it's own database, or any scripting of any kind to use VAFS. We store the information for you and you present the information right on your website with simple copy and paste html code.

Here is a list of what VAFS has to offer.

Automated Flight Tracking and Pilot Flight Reports (pireps)
Our VAFS client will track all aspects of a virtual airline's flight. From block out to block in the client will record everything from fuel burned to how much that flight made for the virtual airline. The pilot can get virtual dollars as well.

Virtual Airline Fleet Setup
As a virtual airline CEO, you can setup your fleet with either our own preset airline setups or an advanced setup option for those who really want to get their hands dirty. Our preset aircraft seating setups consist of a basic economy airline, basic business airline, basic first class airline, and a basic cargo/freight airline.

Virtual Airline Schedule Setup
You can choose when you signup with VAFS to be a scheduled or non-scheduled airline. With a scheduled airline, you can use your fleet and setup your flight routes in the VAFS VA administration area. You can show these schedules and routes right on your own site with our flight schedule/routes add on.

Virtual Airline Ticket Prices Setup
Along with each flight, you will setup ticket prices for you virtual passengers, this is how you make virtual cash. Do not worry though, we have presets for ticket prices also, which will allow you to sit back and just worry about flying. We have ticket setups for economy, business, first class, and cargo airlines. And you can even select an advanced ticket setup if you want to set your own prices for each of your flights.

Pilot Rosters and Ranks
A pilot signup form can be displayed on your website which will allow your pilots to signup for VAFS without leaving your site. You can also add pilots manually to VAFS if you wish, the choice is yours. A pilot roster add on is also available.

Moving Flight Map
Our flight map can be configured to work just for your virtual airline. Only want to see your pilots flying? That is on problem for VAFS, and you also can display this map on your site too.

These are just a few of the options available to the virtual airline CEO when he or she signs up for VAFS. We are here for the community both big and small, and we try hard to create a tool for virtual airlines to enjoy while it provides an extra dimension to your virtual airline experiance.





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