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Full automation for your pilots!
Functional administration for you!

Below are just some of the great features that
come with your subscription to vafinancials.com, more items are added everyday including the newly designed pilot center, where your pilots can use that virtual cash they have earned.

VCAS and VAFS Features:

Virtual Airline CEO Administration System (VCAS)

- Create, Edit, Manage pilots
- Create, Edit, Manage your fleet
- Create, Edit, Manage your pilot ranks
- Create, Edit, Manage your hubs
- Create, Edit, Manage your schedules/routes
- Setup your seating for your aircraft
- Dynamic ticketing system for your ticket prices
- Search route data for other virtual airlines to compare prices
- Setup pilot pay based on rank
- Several options for your virtual airline pilots
- Limit what aircraft your pilot's fly type based on rank
- Several different options for your virtual airline to choose
- XML data for your virtual airline to use that is totally dynamic to your airline
- Pre-made templates for virtual airlines to use to display this data
- I-Frame add-ons for those VA's that do not have a scripting backend web provider.

Virtual Airline Financials Systems Pilot Client (VAFS)

- Complete flight following acars system
- View weather and airport information from departure and arrival airports
- Full VA fleet and schedule search
- Fly dispatched, booked, or any route in your schedule
- Passengers feedback for passenger flights, customer feedback for cargo flights.
- Watch in real time your flight and financial progress
- Passenger and cargo manifests
- Saves flights offline to be uploaded when you are online
- Shows all saved and uploaded flight data
- Generates flight logs in .htm format for later viewing
- Each flight generates a pilot rating
- Several areas that are looked at for each flight to give a final rating.
- Real time flight following map