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How do I do this?

Follow the steps below to begin your journey with VAFinancials.com

Steps to your first VAFinancials.com experience

First off thank you for using VAFinancials.com. To get the full range of this website and the applications associated with it please follow the steps below to begin.

1. Signup your virtual airline with VAFinancials.com from the signup page.

2. When you signed up you selected your main hub. Before you can begin to add pilots or start flights using the VAFS Pilot Client, you have some items that need to be added. You should add some ranks for your pilots, then add an aircraft (you will most likely have to lease your first aircraft), and add a route for that aircraft. Once these are done you can do your first flight with the VAFS Pilot Client. Do not forget, even though you are the CEO you still have to add yourself as a pilot in the system.

3. After you finish your first flight you can upload the flight data to VAFinancials.com and see the results.

It really is that easy. You should however navigate through the VCAS administration web application to get a feel for how powerful this system really is.