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Three choices to choose from!

You have three subscription choices to choose from. There is the monthly subscription for $5.99 a month US, every 6 months at $32.00 that is a savings of 11%, or go for a whole year for $60.00 a year, that is a total savings of 17% off the monthy subscription.

We use PayPal for all out subscriptions.

We have three subscription packages for the virtual airline CEO to choose from. Each subscription selection at this time is completed through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account if you are using a credit card.

Below are the subscription packages:

$5.99 US Dollars per month

$32.00 US Dollars every 6 months (Save 11%)

$60.00 US Dollars every year (Save 17%)

To start using one of these subscriptions please go to the signup page to start the process.