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System Requirements

It does not take much to get VCAS and the VAFS Pilot client up and running on your system. If you have flight simulator running, you should have no problems with either system here at VAFinancials.com

VAFinancials.com System Requirments

First and foremost you should have either Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or Microsoft Flight Simulator X running on your computer.

VCAS Web Application:

All you need to use VCAS is a brower that is javascript enabled and also has cookies enabled.

VAFS Pilot Client:

The pilot client requires .NET 2.0 or higher in order to work. If you are running any firewalls you should give access to this program even though it has been tested with firewalls and has no problems communicating through to the internet.

You will also need the latest build of FSUIPC for your version of flight simulator.

That is all the requirements for this system to run.